The Z-Motion stand is fully motorized and counterbalanced. For quick changes, the stand can be easily positioned in seconds when manually releasing the brakes. The stand is equipped with four electric motors for precise and effortless positioning. Z-Motion allows patients to sit, stand or lay down on a mobile table. The unique design preserves the alignment between the collimator and the digital receptor in any position. With an SID range of 100 to 200 cm (39.5″ to 79″), the stand offers a variety of examination possibilities, including chest, oblique, table and lateral views.
  • Compact design, low ceiling height requirement
  • Motorized and manual movement capability
  • Wide motion / SID range
  • Best-in-class image quality
  • Flexible connectivity to PACS systems


The motorized, automatic patient positioning is integrated into the user-friendly touch screen control. The number of programs and their positions can be determined during installation. A convenient Bluetooth RF remote control is also provided for precise positioning. Use the Slow button for precise positioning or the pre-programmed positions for automatic adjustment. When rotating the arm, the screen automatically rotates 90 degrees for easy readability.

Z-Motion stand


The Z-Motion stand is equipped with a comprehensive set of active and passive safety mechanisms, including spatial awareness, optional proximity sensors for preventing collisions and mechanical safety features to protect users and patients. High Performance X-ray Generator The Milestone HF X-ray generator delivers the highest performance and reliability in any radiographic environment. Choose from flexible output power configurations including single-phase stored energy version up to 80 khW of power, and interface options like AEC control, DAP meter, high speed starter, safety interlocks and more. Take advantage of full integration with the digital acquisition system and unparalleled feature set for advanced applications. Service technicians are provided with easy to use configuration procedures with a very short learning curve.

The Z-Motion system comes standard with industry standard highly compatible components and accessories. We use only the most reliable and most widely recognized X-ray tubes, high voltage cables and AEC detectors. The system also includes two high density grids for perfect, scatter-free exposures – one for short SIDs and another for long source-image distances. Our floating-top trolley tables allow for regular table exposures as well as lateral procedures in the 100 cm (40”) SID range. The mechanical locks provide safe table and patient positioning.

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