Redefining Mobile X-ray

Digital radiology is on the move like never before with the CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System. The industry’s only mobile x-ray system with a fully automatic collapsible column has arrived. The days of blindly navigating tall, bulky units through hallways and around bedside monitors are over. Powered by a wireless DRX detector, this x-ray room on wheels drives like a dream and gives you fast, high-quality images.

Don’t look now, but mobile imaging has been forever changed. The DRX-Revolution is designed around the remarkable X-Factor wireless detector platform. This allows the same detector to work seamlessly across the entire line-up of DRX products – and slide right into your existing equipment, too. Take the DRX Plus Detector where you need it most. Use it in the DRX-Revolution for morning rounds, then move it to a radiology suite during the busiest exam times. X-Factor thinking also makes it easy and affordable to convert, replace or expand your current systems.

Hectic hallways? Busy elevators? Small and cluttered patient rooms? They’re no match for the DRX-Revolution. The system is so compact and maneuverable, you can move it effortlessly – even make a 360-degree turn with one hand. Plus, this low-prole marvel gives technologists an unobstructed view, thanks to the industry’s rst automatic, collapsible column. They’ll get where they’re needed faster – and more safely

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